Migrant Stories

Maria Consuelo Reyes – International Student Experience

Consuelo speaks to Yaarmates Senior Ambassador Raphela about her journey in Australia and offers tips to future international students. Consuelo is a Conservation biology Masters student from Chile. “Australia is a booming population for international students to embark on their education. I was looking for a better education and to have a degree in a […]

Ruby Walia: Law Graduate to Celebrity Makeup Artist

Aadi: I have known you for years, but would love to hear about your inspirational story and share it with our readers. Would you be willing to share your journey? Ruby Walia: I was born and brought up in Punjab, which is located in the northern part of India. I finished studying Law, got married […]

Krishna Nand – A Memorable Exchange to India

So I was blessed to have been offered a scholarship to go on an exchange trip to India. I got to study at three prestigious institutions: Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi, St Xavier’s College in Kolkata, and TISS in Mumbai. I will always be thankful to my mother and my nani-ji for always speaking to me in formal Hindi and Urdu. Without it, I would not have felt as home, and I would have missed out on the bargaining opportunities at the Janpath bazaars of Delhi!

Tanvir Duggal – International Student Experience

Tanvir Duggal is an international student from India and is currently enrolled in Software Engineering Technology at Centennial College. He is a Software Engineer by profession but a traveller and discoverer by all means. He is a creative personality and dreams to be a developer of a revolutionary product in the near future. Recently, Jaskaran […]

Byron Sequeira – Study Abroad Experience

Byron Sequeira is a final year law student at Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida. He is an inquisitive law student seeking an opportunity to explore in the legal sphere concerning civil litigation, International law, ADR and arbitration. What motivated you to study abroad? I had the aspirations right in my 3rd year of law school […]

Tanvi Nigam – Study Abroad Experience

Tanvi Nigam studied in India and when she was in the final months of her law course, she decided to do a summer course in London for 3 weeks. Tanvi says, “I applied to the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science to pursue a course on International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration scheduled for […]

Suchith Kumar – International Student Experience

Recently, Yaarmate Ambassador Gnanaguru met Suchith Kumar who is an international student in Australia. Please read more below: Guru: Please tell us more about yourself? Suchith: I’m from Bangalore,  I’m studying Master of Data Science at Macquarie University. The aim is to achieve excellence in learning and adapting Data Analytics skills and grow my intellectual […]

Shabnam Ahmed – Former International Student

Shabnam Ahmed is from Bangalore, India. She completed her Masters in Accounting from Macquarie University. Her goal was to complete my higher education and work in a client-facing role – something that allows interaction with people.   How was your first day in the new country? Initial feelings were that of excitement. I felt like […]

Tharsika Tharumalingam – Study Abroad/Exchange Experience

Tharsika is from Australia and currently studying a double degree in finance and law. She is completing a law exchange program in Hong Kong on the Endeavour Cheung Kong Student Exchange Scholarship. Once she completes her degree, she would like to work on international contracts between firms in the Asia-Pacific region. How was your first […]

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