Migrant Stories

6 Things Only International Students Will Understand

[First published in Fiji Times Sydney, March 2018] Every year, more students than ever are leaving their countries to pursue tertiary education overseas. There are several things that university students all around the world experience, however, there are a few things that only international students can understand. I list six of them below: 1. Your […]

A Message to International Students

(IMAGE SOURCE: HTTP://BLOG.CREATIVELIVE.COM/IS-COLLEGE-WORTH-IT-MORE-DEGREES-THAN-JOBS/) Every year, more than half a million international students come to Australia with a dream of getting educated in one of the best countries in the world. It is not only their home countries that they leave behind, but also their families, friends, festivals, and a sense of belonging. After coming here, they […]

Parvinder Singh – International Student Experience

– Parvinder Singh   Hi, this is Parvinder. I am an international student from Canada. I finished my studies little over a year ago and now I’ve been working for a while. I still remember my first day like it was yesterday. My Dad’s cousin came to receive me at the airport, and I was feeling […]

Jaskaran Singh – International Student Experience

  Crossing boundaries, leaving the home country wasn’t an easy decision. Hi, my name is Jaskaran, I am one of the millions who move to a different country with a dream to excel in life and reap the benefits of exposure. In the beginning, it was a bit challenging for me to adapt to this […]

Kratu Pallicha – International Student Experience

– Kratu Pallicha Hi my name is Kratu Pallicha and I am Studying in Sydney, Australia. My first month in Australia – from finding my first ever job to settling down at Uni was a mix of Excitement, Anxiety, confusion and Happiness. I was Excited because I had a whole new life in front of […]

Lakshay Dhawan – International Student Experience

– Lakshay Dhawan My name is Lakshay Dhawan and I came to Canada looking for a brighter future both in terms of education and experiences. Well, I vividly remember my first day in Canada. My first encounter with Canada was at the airport, through the windows. Everything was different. The clarity of air, the softness of […]

Avi Bhargava – International Student Experience

– Avi Bhargava My name is Avi Bhargava and I have been living in Australia, as an international student, for 5 years now. I actually remember this heaviness in my stomach as I got off the plane at the airport. I remember this feeling of panic rushing in: Would I understand the Aussie accent? Would […]

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