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Maria Consuelo Reyes – International Student Experience


Consuelo speaks to Yaarmates Senior Ambassador Raphela about her journey in Australia and offers tips to future international students. Consuelo is a Conservation biology Masters student from Chile.

“Australia is a booming population for international students to embark on their education. I was looking for a better education and to have a degree in a country that allows me to work somewhere else after my graduation. In addition, I was looking to study in a developed country with great biodiversity and Australia is the perfect place for that. There are several struggles for students which include financial, mental and emotional stresses. My only regret is to come without a scholarship. Living here without any support is very hard!”

Consuelo when asked about her top tip for students: “I would tell them that stuff can be hard, you are going to miss your family, your country, probably you are going to have some other issues depending on your situation but it’s worth it, you just have to be strong”.

The major difference you experienced from Chile and Australia? Consuelo says, “I think the major difference is that things works and people are usually very nice and there is no competition between them”.

Anything else you’d like to add for inspiring future international students. “I would just say: if you really want it, you can do it no matter what”.

Yaarmate wishes every student motivation when applying and through the process of moving countries.

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