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Suchith Kumar – International Student Experience


Recently, Yaarmate Ambassador Gnanaguru met Suchith Kumar who is an international student in Australia. Please read more below:

Guru: Please tell us more about yourself?

Suchith: I’m from Bangalore,  I’m studying Master of Data Science at Macquarie University. The aim is to achieve excellence in learning and adapting Data Analytics skills and grow my intellectual curiosity.

Guru: How was your first day in the new country?

Suchith: It was exciting as it was my first international journey experience, I was proud of myself I’m here today to start my journey of learning.

Guru: What was the one thing that you grew used to in the new country within the first six months? 

Suchith: Schedule and manage time for all the work as I’m on my own and self-dependent for my work.

Guru: Were you homesick?

Yes, I’m still homesick, I miss my mom, family, and friends. However, I realized the exposure to new culture enhances your wisdom of knowing new people from different countries. Its great experience one can earn by “socialize” and occupy time to avoid being lonely.

Guru: What do you do to stay motivated?

Suchith: It’s a bit challenging to be motivated all the time, however, exercise and morning walk, watching the sunrise at the beach. Helps me going forward with a positive atmosphere.

Guru: If you could go back in time to the first day abroad, what advice would you give yourself?

Suchith: Know the climate and weather well, so you carry clothes accordingly.  And help your self by carrying two days ready to eat meals. So you don’t starve while you’re a new place. It does take time to know about the new place and finding the best food you wanna eat. Time will unfold new place to home soon.


Guru: Any suggestions for aspiring students?


  • Understand the course structures to help your self know about the subjects.
  • Schedule time with professors to raise questions and understand the topic.
  • Group study with a friend to understand better.
  • Be self-confident – the ray of hope to succeed in your life while you are alone in the new country.
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