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Tanvi Nigam – Study Abroad Experience


Tanvi Nigam studied in India and when she was in the final months of her law course, she decided to do a summer course in London for 3 weeks. Tanvi says, “I applied to the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science to pursue a course on International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration scheduled for July, 2019. I aspire to do an LLM after some experience in the field of law and I undertook this course to assess my choice of subject for my masters”.

What motivated you to study abroad?
The motivating factors were my future goals which led me to take the decision of a solo travel to London. I wish to pursue a masters degree in the future and I took this opportunity to prepare myself for the future.
How was your first day in London?
My first day in London was a day filled with mixed feelings. I was miles away from home, sitting in a different continent and time zones away for the next 3 weeks for the first time in my life. However, I was keen to explore the city and with the help of my friends who were already there, it was a smooth transition.
If you could go back in time to the first day in London, what suggestion would you give to yourself?
Its important to stay calm and as relaxed as one can be. Its important to not get affected by the sudden changes and cultural differences.
Any suggestions for the students who might be planning to study abroad in the future?
I think it is important to know a few key things about the place you’re going to stay at beforehand. The best way is to contact somebody based there. However, if this cannot be arranged then having a basic understanding of the city is necessary. Carry a few necessities and with time, purchase the next batch when the need arises. It is also essential to plan your first week, if possible. It helps you remain calm and feel organised in a new place.
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