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Tanvir Duggal – International Student Experience


Tanvir Duggal is an international student from India and is currently enrolled in Software Engineering Technology at Centennial College. He is a Software Engineer by profession but a traveller and discoverer by all means. He is a creative personality and dreams to be a developer of a revolutionary product in the near future. Recently, Jaskaran Singh from Yaarmate met Tanvir to ask him about his experiences in Canada as an international student.


How was your first day in the new country?

To be honest it was really awesome, I had friend come to pick me up and showed me around. Yes, I was nervous because it was quite new place for me but I enjoyed.


What was the one thing that you grew used to in Canada within the first six months? 

I guess good people around me, my first landlord, my roommate all of them were quite supporting, inspiring me to travel to other parts of the city alone to explore and get comfortable with the environment.


Were you homesick? 

Yes, I had been home sick for first few days, but I never let it bring down my excitement for a new place, any time I felt home sick used get up and just go out for walk, try new food, say hello to new people and slowly I ended up completely abandoning that feeling. I have a goal set up in my mind, this goal helps me to stay motivated because I tend to achieve it one day. Every time I study, I feel going one step further to it, apart from that I feel if I study well and gets a good future, I would be able to have a better life for me and my family.


If you could go back in time to the first day abroad, what advice would you give yourself?

I would suggest, drop your nervousness don’t think about saving money and just roll out to the city and explore more and more. Try everything you see in front of you, don’t be shy people are really good around. I would also say that don’t be dependent on someone, the more you try to paddle your own boat the stronger sailor you become. It’s obviously new place for you but the more you go around and see new things the more comfortable you become.


Would you encourage other international students to form friendships and actively seek guidance from more the more experienced people?

Ohh YES YES YES. The best thing about this country is that everyone is ready to help. You go and ask anything and they are ready to answer it. Done feel down if someone doesn’t because there are always exceptions but apart from that everyone is ready to help.

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